Bonds are a financial service for protocols & businesses to acquire their own liquidity, in exchange for their governance tokens at a discount: Providing Price Stability & Confidence by ensuring the availability of liquidity

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Lo que los dicen los medios sobre ELOCOIN

aspiring to be the DeFi's reserve asset

What is ELO DAO?

The governance token of ELO DAO is limited, and ELO DAO is backed by its own liquidity and a portfolio of partners' tokens and investments, working to obtain real incomes, services, and investments in real life while keeping its features as a token, aspiring to be the DeFi's reserve asset

Our Core: BONDS

What are ELO BONDS?

ELO DAO bonds are a financial primitive for protocols to acquire assets, including their own liquidity, in exchange for governance tokens at a discount. In other words, ELO bonds are a pricing mechanism for any two ERC-20 tokens that do not rely on third parties like oracles. ELO bonds internally respond to supply and demand by offering a variable ROI rate to the market and its users.

Why do we need Bonding at DeFi?

liquidity depends on the rent offered by protocols to users for depositing it during a window of time, offering often three-figure returns to users. When the market is bearish, liquidity providers are very exposed to impermanent losses and to the market itself, taking liquidity out of those protocols.

It is at these times that projects realize that they do not own their liquidity, and that they have spent huge amounts of capital renting it for a period of time, without their holders having access to it when they need it most.

This process repeats itself in an infinite spiral that kills most DeFi projects:

With Bonds, now Protocols own their liquidity, solving the negative FlyWheel

Gobernanza y Descentralización

Ecosistema ELO DAO

ELO DAO involves its users, holders, and the Partners of our Bonds’ Marketplace.
We have created a protocol that will persist over time thanks to a sustainable design of income sources from the beginning. You can review in the next Cash Flow Diagram the 4 sources of income that ELO DAO has with its initial MVP of the bond marketplace:

We recommend you read our documentation:

Our planning


Enero 2021
Creación Equipo ELODAO • Visión ELODAO • Desarrollo conceptual PERPETUAL ELO
Abril 2021
Consenso tokenomics con la comunidad cripto • Whitepaper ELOCOIN • Lanzamiento
Junio 2021
Presentación comunidad cripto del Modelo ELODAO • Creación Token ELOCOIN • Integración al equipo de talento humano
October 2021
ELO DAO is Registered in Wyoming (USA- Wyoming DAO LLC law)
T1 2022
ELOCOIN - ELO DAO presentation | Bond & Protocol development finished
Q2 & Q3 2022
$pELO Launch | First bonds partnerships | Institutional agreements
T4 2022
ELO Bonds & Growing in partnerships
T1 2023
Expansion to all EVM blockchains | Main isolated Lending pool
Q2 & Q3 2023
Expansion to the rest of chains | Isolated Lending Pools for partners
T4 2023
TradFi integrations | NFT-Services
T1 2024
Launch of the ELO Metaverse for Partners & Users

Equipo ELO

Dirección del Contrato del Token ELO

ELOCOIN – The governance token of ELO DAO will be launched on the Binance SmartChain

binance smart chain